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Practice Makes Almost Perfect

Keeping in tune with your archery equipment through out the summer is a must in order to be ready for the up and coming season! If your looking for somthing to do this summer you may want to check with your local archery shops and do a little competetive shooting at the summer archery tournaments.


Deer hunting seasons come to a close. Looking for somthing to do this winter? You may want to give your local archery shop a look.  Target practice now through summer is a great way to stay in tune with your inner hunter!

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2016 Deer Fest

Check out some of the products from The Deer & Turkey Expo!

CWD positive deer found on Three Lakes Deer Farm

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"Uploadable" Bucks

If you have a buck that you're proud of - your first, your biggest, or just your latest buck, it's "uploadable". All that's required is registration for the message board

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SouthEastern Minnesota's Monster Buck

Ben Spanjer's bow and arrow buck shot October 3rd in SE Minnesota may go down in the record books as one of the biggest in Minnesota.

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