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OutdoorsFIRST provides the big buck gallery to provide hunters of all ages and experience levels a chance to show off the reults of their hard work and preparation. Upgrades will be made to the gallery in October 2008 which will allow posting of multiple pictures of each animal, as well as viewing the entire gallery of each user separately.

Entrants in the gallery will be chosen each week to be posted on the front page of In the future, entries will be randomely drawn at the end of each season for a prize package similar to what is done on the sister sitets muskiefirst, bassfirst and walleyefirst.

Click to the following page:, fill out the form, and upload your digital picture. It's that simple. The only requirement is that you must be a registered member of the WhitetailFIRST Forum Community, and logged in. IF you are logged in your username will appear below:

    Your username isyou are not logged in or not a registered member

If you are not logged in, click to to login.

If you are not a registered member, register at Registration is quick, free and painless. After registration, log in and return to this page to proceed.

1. There really aren't any rules. The size of a trophy buck is subjective to a hunter's location, age, experience and expectations.

2. All entries must be accompanied by a digital image. The image must be of a whitetail deer and be less than three megabytes in size.

3. To post a picture, you must have a valid forum registration on the site of entry. For example, to register a whitetail, you must be 1) a registered member of and 2) logged in at the time of registration.

4. Registration is free and painless, and can be done here:

5. IF you have any problems uploading an image or with the submission form, you may email your information and image to [email protected] .
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